Every Era Has Its Fallen Women

blank vintage paper with flowers designWelcome to my new blog for Ladies of Disgrace, which will be a new series of books released about fallen women in different eras. My first three ladies to take their walk of shame with my readers are named below but there may be more in the future. You’ll find one common element in each of the covers:

Lady Isabella
Lady Grace
Lady Charlotte

As I write about each era, I will be posting any research or historical tidbits of interest. If you are familiar with my books, you will find other blogs linked below for The Legacy Series and Dark Persuasion where I have done the same. As an author, I find that writing about my research experiences while I pen the story is a therapeutic break from plotting.

My first lady of disgrace, Isabella, is set in the 1930’s, which is an entirely different era. Of course, that means I’m off to Google, Wikipedia, and other resources to look up tidbits during this time period. A lot happened from 1934-1937 when my story is set. Perhaps, as I write about them, you will already be familiar with a few.

As in some of my more recent books, I’m going to use the name of my ancestors. Jane Isabella Burrows is the name of my great-grandmother, who was a stubborn woman. I will be dedicating Lady Isabella to her memory, along with a short quip on her tenacious personality.

It’s hard to believe that my mother was twenty-four years old in 1936. I have a few interesting pictures of her during those years and this one is a favorite. She’s is the young lady on the left, and I’m sure her strawberry blonde hair must have been glowing in the sun. Of course, I can’t help but wonder what wild times these ladies had together. Who knows what shenanigans they were up to when this photo was taken?


Nevertheless, I hope that you will come along for the ride as I begin to post while writing the first book. You can track my progress off to the side. As you can see, I’m starting Chapter 12 and have already passed the 23,000-word mark of a 50,000-word goal.

Welcome to The Ladies of Disgrace.

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