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1930s Hairstyles

Woman Red Dress, Fashion Model in Retro Clothes Lace Collar
Woman Red Dress, Fashion Model in Retro Clothes Lace Collar

While searching for information, I came across a wonderful website filled with fashion and style in the 1930’s – Fashion Gone Rogue. I will be using the PRESS THIS button to share their research into the 1930’s and other eras.

When I chose the model for my cover off to the left (yes, I licensed the use from iStockPhoto.com), I thought that her long hair style with the barrel curls, middle part, and upswept hair at her temples closely matched the time period. I will admit, it’s probably closer to the late thirties – early forties.   Isabella’s story starts in her late teens in 1934, and the dress was definitely an eye-catching addition that gave me the idea for red dresses on all my covers.

Below is a link to Fashion Gone Rogue,  along with a few pictures I’ve carried over from the website.  Enjoy as you take a look at the hairstyles.  Waves, curls, and center parts were common.  Actually, these styles appear invitingly soft, framing the beautiful faces.

From Fashion Gone Rogue – Follow the Link for More

In the 1930s, the major trends for hairstyles were all about waves. With a softer look than the sleek bob and tight ringlets of the 1920s, women began wearing their hair in more feminine styles with parts sweeping to the side or down the middle. At the beginning of the decade, short hair still reigned …

Source: 1930s Hairstyles: Elegant Waves for Women

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