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Betting on Horses

I’m back at it again, doing more fun research.  Let’s face it, as an author sometimes you write about things you know absolutely nothing about. Betting on horses in the UK is another area I’ve had to research because I have Isabella at the Glorious Goodwood.  Her escort has used his bookmaker to place a bet on Irongrey, who is favored to win (and yes, he did win the Chesterfield Cup on the fourth day of the event). However, her father gave Isabella’s escort a hundred pounds to place a bet for him.

Okay, so here I am in 1930’s. From what I’ve read, betting shops were not legalized until 1960’s. Apparently, you placed a bet at the racing venue betting offices. I found this picture with fans lined up to place their wagers at the ticket windows (England, early 1930s).  CLICK HERE

Anyway, I’ve learned that horse racing in the United Kingdom is the second largest spectator sport. It almost makes me want to go to the races next time I’m in England.

Here’s everything you need to know about UK horse racing and betting.  Your guide is below.

Source: About UK Racing Guide | UK Racing Guide

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