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Let’s Talk About Men in 1930’s

Men are the sexiest when dressing to kill – you know, lady killers (a charming man who is very attractive to women).  I don’t mean dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and tight t-shirts.  I’m talking about three-piece suits, hats, and the fashions of the 1930’s.  To round off the look, add the cleanly shaved face, except perhaps for thin mustache. Hair is neatly trimmed, parted, and full.  (Guys, these looks nowadays where you walk around with a perpetual five-o’clock shadow doesn’t cut it.)  You’ve lost the attraction of the earlier eras – clean cut and handsome.

Gals, take a look at these 1930’s hotties.  I imagine Reginald Spencer, the hero in Lady Isabella (soon to be released), to look like the handsome Erroll Flynn in the first photo.  Below are some of the 1930’s male stars – Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Tyrone Power with their leading ladies to illustrate the fashionable men of the era. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

I have always liked the look of the double breasted suits with vests. Like women, they often wore hats when out in public, which is another hallmark of the bygone days of fashions. I even have a fun picture of my own father, taken in the 1930’s below.  He wasn’t a bad looking guy either, with my mother off to the left.  His hair has the same almost center part, and he’s wearing a double-breasted suit. What’s interesting is that men’s trousers were worn high above the waist.  (The style is a far cry from now where some young men wear them falling off their rears. Oh, have times changed.)

In any event, this picture also shows a 1930’s wedding and bridesmaid dress.  My dad was definitely a looker and so was my mother.

So gents, looking to catch a lady’s eye?  Try dressing up once in a while.


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