1930's · Release Information

Lady Isabella – Release

Lady Isabella is finished and in the process of release.  Here are the schedules:

  • It’s up on Amazon for pre-ordering release Kindle version 2-1-17
  • It’s distributed to Draft 2 Digital and will be released on iTunes, Nook, and Kobo sometime next week
  • The print version is pending.  It’s been uploaded and is in a publishing review process.  Proof and release pending.
  • Audio auditions pending

Here is a synopsis of the story:

Seduced at the tender age of sixteen, Isabella Stuart did not understand what one poor decision could do to a person’s life. The consequences of her flirtation with the stable boy infuriate her parents, who make arrangements to hide her scandalous behavior. As a result, they send her into hiding to give birth and insist she give up her child for adoption. Upon her return to England, she discovers that her freedom remains severely hindered as her parents insist on orchestrating her marriage. Isabella, however, has fallen in love with another man, who unbeknown to her possesses far more than her heart.

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