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What’s Next?

First off, I’ve been a tad bit upset that Amazon is not carrying my print version of Lady Isabella except to offer it through third-party sellers at a higher price.  When they do that, I don’t get a dime and readers get stiffed paying more.  I’m working with my printer, Lightning Source, to try and determine why this is happening to all of my print books. I’ve yet to put Lady Grace in print but am working on it.

The consensus seems to be that unless independent authors also use Amazon’s print service called CreateSpace, the big A is going to make it difficult for independent authors to see their print versions of books for sale on Amazon.  Don’t get me started on Amazon’s bid for world domination!  I use them as much as anyone else to order everything from vitamins to bras.  However, when they prevent me from selling books unless I use their print service, that’s where our relationship goes sour.

To rectify the problem I will need to spend hours of work republishing all of my books — yes all of my books — on the CreateSpace platform.  That includes my books as Vicki Hopkins and Nora Covington.  It will be a huge amount of time and effort to do so.

In spite of the conundrum, I don’t plan on walking away from writing book three – Lady Charlotte.  My goal is a December release, and I plan to make it!

In the meantime, happy reading.  Wish me happy formatting!

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