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In Remembrance

PoppyTomorrow marks the end of the First World War one hundred years ago. These are my ancestors who lost their lives. I dedicated my book Lady Grace to their memory.


Blog Post · Historical Facts

Bayer Patents Aspirin – Mar 06, 1899 –

bayer-aspirin_sb_1926On this day in History, Bayer patents aspirin on Mar 06, 1899. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Source: Bayer patents aspirin – Mar 06, 1899 –


Mentioning aspirin in a storyline during 1914 might raise a few eyebrows and inward thoughts, “they didn’t have aspirin back then.”

Well, yes, they did. When you read about Grace giving Stefan a few aspirins for the pain, you can be assured having a bottle around the house isn’t that far fetched.