Lady Grace Research

Below are links to previous posts that included research for Lady Grace.  Set in the 1914-1918 World War One era in England, it was an interesting peek into the time period that included sacrifice and sorrow.

The Great War

Men in Uniform (WWI)

Belgian Refugees – Building a Story Around History

Soldiers on Leave |First World War (WW1)

World War I Posters

British Soldiers Who Died in the War 1914-1918

Belgian Soldiers in World War I

Bayer Patents Aspirin – Mar 06, 1899 –

Emotionally Involved

BBC – History – World Wars: Shell Shock During World War One

World War One: How 250,000 Belgian Refugees Didn’t Leave a Trace – BBC News

Women in Dresses – History of Women’s Fashion – 1900 to 1919 | Glamourdaze