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Eyebrows & Lips – 1930s Makeup Style

Thebette-davis-pixabay-cc0-public-domain two strongest characteristics of the 1930’s look focused around eyebrows and lips, both of which were accentuated beyond their normal boundaries.

Eyebrows, for example, were often plucked away and replaced with thin pencil lines far above their natural growth.  They arched high and extended in length. Bette Davis (left), whose stunning eyes were her hallmark characteristic, is a good example.

The second enhancement is the lips, which were also enlarged beyond their natural boundaries. Before the days of cosmetic surgery and receiving lip injections, skilled ladies with brushes enhanced the shape and size.  Their beautiful and expressive cupid-bow lips were often painted red.

For more information on the 1930’s look, visit the fantastic website below, which I will definitely be referring to in the different eras of my fallen ladies.

Lavishly illustrated and concise history of Women’s Makeup styles and cosmetics from the 1930s golden age of Hollywood glamour.

Source: The History of 1930s Makeup | Glamourdaze